The Return of

I have missed this website. The truth is our lives have been so full recently and I have longed for a place where I could easily update and journal about a lot of our thoughts, doubts, fears and...of course...amazing blessings that God has brought.

And so, after quite a break, we have finally managed to get up and running again. It is a new look, a fresh perspective...but still maintaining the same focus of keeping you connected with our lives and ministry. Our desire is that this is simply a way to say Thank-You for all of the support and love you have shown us over the years and that becomes a place for us to care for and express our heart of gratitude toward our supporting community.

We really hope you like it and that it fills your life with flavors of the Kingdom as we share and open our home with you. Thank you for your patience as we have got this up and running and may you be blessed as you continue to be a blessing for us and so many others.

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